Privacy Policy

This privacy policy becomes effective to the main domain www.bunnybet88.com, pages, secondary pages, secondary domains and other media of Bunnybet88.

 This privacy policy describes basic rules for accessing the website bunnybet88.com. If you have accessed, that means you have accepted the terms and conditions and this privacy policy. If you do not agree or do not accept the agreement, please stop using this website.


Amendment and change of policy

We reserve the right to change this policy without prior notice. This policy will be effective when posting on the website page.

Acceptance of practice

This privacy policy is in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. Including the Data Protection Act of the United Kingdom 1998, Bunnybet88 has consistently referred to the EU privacy law and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) manual to ensure that players are protected in their personal information.


Data collection

General information

We have collected your data privacy in order to identify your identity which has the following information. If we need anything more, we may inform you to tell us later.


Personal identification data

  1. Data used in registering for a player account when applying for a new membership, such as name, email, telephone number, date of birth and other necessary data that allows us to enable and manage your account.
  2. Record your contact to us
  3. Any data you offer to us as a result of participating in marketing promotions or matches.
  4. Details of bets and movements on the website
  5. Your phone conversation and live chat with our customer service will be recorded for use in training, service quality management and finding solutions faster. Moreover, this data will allow us to contact you for various purposes which allows us to offer you the best service. This data privacy will be used for marketing purposes to inform you whenever there are special offers, promotions and events. You agree that the data you provide is comparable to data privacy or sensitive data under the Data Protection Act 1998 and when you use this website, you agree to use your information under this privacy policy.


Disclosure and use of data

When you register with us, you agree to give us your data privacy and we are able to allow third parties to help manage and store this data privacy. Your data will be used as follows but may have more later;

  1. To manage the account and proceed with deposit-withdrawal on our website.
  2. To provide betting services.
  3. For inspection and identification purposes, for example, to confirm that you are not less than the legal age and are not in a prohibited area as specified in the website terms and conditions.
  4. To design marketing tools that meet your needs
  5. To inspect and improve the website
  6. To observe and develop service of the website
  7. To manage risks, detect fraud and request for cooperation in checking money laundering.
  8. To ask for cooperation as required by laws and regulations.
  9. To present to the software creator company (which is under the terms of this policy) to provide support and related services.

We reserve the right to analyze the behavior and characteristics of statistical users to measure interests and use of websites from various aspects, and to inform and disclose the number of users or the number of people who click on the banner ads for advertisers by informing the third party only the overall results from the analysis. Scs 188 is a member of a variety of groups with the goal of protecting morals in sport matches and betting in order to prevent manipulation behind the scene of the match, so our group (scs188 and related groups) reserve the right to access and use your data to observe betting behavior. You can choose to receive information about various promotional offers on the registration page. If you wish to change, do not receive these updates later, you can request through the customer service staff.


Win bets

We reserve the right to not disclose your data to the public. The works or prize that you win for marketing benefits, we reserve the right to disclose some information, such as abbreviation usernames or your initials.



We take care and keep your data well and securely with technology which transforms text into codes for data migration. When it is stored on our server, this data is stored securely by firewall technology. Both our websites and software use all tools to maintain the accuracy and privacy of the data in order to prevent the use of your data being misused or lost. Since communications via the internet is not 100% secure, we cannot guarantee the security of your data. Therefore, when you access this website, it means you agree and accept the risk that may occur due to internet security. We will not be responsible for loss / damage either directly, unintended consequences or which are punishments at any time. When we already consider the purpose which we have received your data, we will store your data for a period as appropriate. In some cases, we may store your data indefinitely.



Players should know that various data privacy will be automatically collected and accumulated during the registration process via using cookies. Cookies are small data sent by the website server to web browsers which allows the server to collect data from the browser. We use cookies to follow browsing behavior and create profiles related to population statistics. The observation of these features and collecting data allows us to develop services to offer to you. The affiliate system uses cookies as part of the affiliate operation as well. Most browsers have simple steps that allow you to disable or enable cookies. If you do not want to collect data via using cookies, you can reset it yourself. Please note that disabling cookies may affect specific services that meet your own needs.


Data destruction

All branches of media which are relevant to all interactive betting game creators must be destroyed no matter what data is, in order to secure


Access to information and updates

The user can write a request for a copy of your data privacy, that we have retained, and send as a contact below. We are pleased to inform you of the data privacy we have, by you can notify the update, change and correct it via customer service staff in your request. We will delete user summary information in our brief database. However, it may not be possible to delete all your original data, because we retain the backup data and save the deletion. We reserve the right to update, change or modify this policy without prior notice. If there are any updates, we will consider your responsibility to check the privacy policy that has been updated.



If you have any questions or need to contact, please contact us via live chat, phone number, or email provided on the website 24 hours everyday.